Hey there kitten… I’m Susannah Perry and this bakery is a project that I’ve been unintentionally working on my entire life.

Susannah Perry of Bad Kitty BakeryFrom the time I could sit up on my own, I was a fixture in my grandmother’s kitchen.  She was an incredible pastry chef who always took the time to answer my endless questions while bringing to life some of the most beautiful creations I’ve even seen.

As I grew up, I maintained my perch in her kitchen, learning from a true artist.  I worked alongside her through middle school, high school and college, learning as much about family and life as I did about baking.  The hours I spent in her kitchen constitute some of my favorite memories, especially the late nights we spent painstakingly making and hand painting the hundreds of flowers for my own wedding cake.

Since she has passed away, I’ve found that baking makes me feel close to her.  Using the gifts she gave me over all those years helps me feel close to her in a way that defies explanation and I’ve found that I’m not too shabby at it… After several years of contemplation and hesitation, I finally decided to make a go at what she loved and offer my version of the recipes passed down to me from my grandmother, my great-grandmother and my mother as well as some I’ve learned on my own along the way.

And so the Bad Kitty Bakery was born out of my own kitchen, a place that I aspire to be as full of love, teaching and memories as the one that was such a big part of my life.  I want to take the things that I’ve learned and infuse them with my own twist and attitude and bring them an entirely new life.  I hope you love these treats as much as I love creating them.  

Happy shopping!
Susannah Perry Bad Kitty Bakery

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat.
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