Why Bad Kitty?

Bad Kitty Bakery's bad kitty LillyBad Kitty? Really? Is there such a thing or were you just at a loss for a cute but possibly questionable name for your bakery?

Look. My grandmother’s company was called The Cake Cellar and I loved the thought of using that and all the images and nostalgia it carried for me. But there are now roughly forty-seven bajillion bakeries called The Cake Cellar across the country. So while I was mourning the death of that dream, my jackass of a cat stole my sandwich. Out of my hand. AGAIN.

So yes. There is, indeed, an actual Bad Kitty. And she is gloriously bad but also adorable in a “please don’t kill me in my sleep” kind of way. She steals things. She climbs furniture and gets stuck behind my entertainment center. She carries my shoes around the house. She steals jalapenos off the counter in the middle of the night. She drops brand new rolls of paper towels on your head when you are lounging on the couch watching reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210. And she once rolled the entire downstairs of my house. She is insanely, incredibly bad and I adore her.

Lilly the original Bad Kitty

She thinks you should buy some cookies.


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